Milking Nigerian Dwarf Goats 101: Before and After the Milking

Here is a short video on the boring but essential basics in prepping for milking and post milking cleanup and, of course, treating the lactating doe.  For the recipes we use to clean up before and after, see below.

Before Cleanup, we use an Iodine mix we get at the feed store. I mix it about 10 to 1 and keep it in a jar at the barn.

After cleanup, we use a mixture of 20 drops tea tree oil, 20 drops lavender (both with antibacterial properties) and Dr Bonner’s soap (Dawn Dish Soap would work too).

We use rags, torn up from old towels, 1 rag per goat. We douse the rag with the iodine mix, swab the milking bowl lightly, wipe our hands, then freshen the iodine on the rag and wash her teats and udder area. That same rag will work at cleanup as well. After, be sure to wash her teats with the soap mixture or iodine, then soak her teats in that same mix. The leftover teat soaking can be used to scrub the milking stand when the milking is done for the morning/evening.