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Oak Creek Goats: The Owners

Oak Creek Goats

We are a growing dairy

ranch and have invested in top quality goats, both does and bucks to start a strong blood line with our Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Micheal, Co Owner of Oak Creek Goats, was an architect for 30 years, a realtor for 8 and is now a realtor and dairy goat owner. The two professions actually work well together with being able to set his own schedule to make sure his clients and his goats are well taken care of.

I am the geek, web designer, and Co Owner in Oak Creek Goats. Having been at the high school and university level for over 20 years, I have come to this endeavor with the heart of a teacher. I not only want to breed great goats and use their milk for our personal use, I want to help others who are considering goats, especially Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Our blog is filled to the brim with "how tos" and a few stories along the way.

Our Story

Our Ranch

Oak Creek Goats is on the Oak Creek Ranch in Cotopaxi CO. We are on 37 acres - 12 usable acres and a 25 acre rock "Skirt". One half mile of Oak Creek runs through our land, creating a mecca for willows - which goats love.